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Retrato Espacial

Audio: Jenny Ramirez
Visuals Frances Adair Mckenzie

Retrato Espacio/Space Portrait is a lush, mutable exploration of how bodies integrate and respond to shifting ecologies. The piece uses textural materiality and spatial depth through both sound and visual elements to create a time-based digital experience that immerses the viewer into a morphic, fluid space.  Developed by Jenny Ramirez (Jennitza) of Parana Argentina and Frances Adair Mckenzie of Montreal Canada. This piece considers intuitive modes of geographical navigation and how landscapes in turn leave traces upon their inhabitants; both human and non-human. The work looks to forms of otherly communication; sonic and electrical waves, ecological choruses and reverberations within shifting terrains. Retrato Espacio is about movement whether forced, intrinsic or chosen and speaks to the sounds and signs we bring with us and those we discover along the way.  


The sound component of the project being developed by Jennitza incorporates sound scans by means of an ultrasonic sensor converting data into sound triggers, alongside field recordings, and compositions developed through analog and digital means.  


The visual realm, developed by Adair, is constructed through stereoscopic stop-motion animation which incorporates topological maquettes and hand modelled elements to build a shifting poetic ecology; referencing flows, impulses and waveforms as patterns over mutating bio-political and cybernetic landscapes.   


This piece is being developed as a communication between artistic worlds, living environments and languages; using this dialogue to furnish a poetic in-between space. The collaboration looks to create an experimental environment of sound, texture and three-dimensional animation. Aiming to develop a live musical performance and video mixed set which builds upon and experiments with the Space Portrait content. As well as a more permanent immersive installation that allows the viewer to experience the stereoscopic video and spatialized sound elements at a more intimate pace.

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