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Image of howe Are You Island vide showing a nebulous peach cloud

Howe Are you Island?

Co-directors: Alisha Piercy and Frances Adair Mckenzie

2020 | 6:08 min

Text: Alisha Piercy

Animation: Frances Adair Mckenzie

Sound Design: Benjamin IV

Composition: Orin Piercy

In the speculative short Howe Are You Island? a melodic voice-over travels through a landscape of interspecies relations, an ecology both real and digital. Shot on Ka-ou-enesegoan (Howe Island) in the lake district of Ontario (Canada), we follow our unseen, possibly nonhuman protagonist through the pangs of trying to connect. In the face of wonder and desire, interspecies relations progress with a glitch. Past the veil of romance, while crossing over shared lands, doubt erupts over the ability to bond in mutual, meaningful ways. What must be given, or given up? 

A critical fabulation, Howe Are You Island? wonders over the troubles of our living ways, to prefigure: which future connection with the environment and other species is possible?


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