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Future (Im)perfect

Group Exhibition



Tiohtià:ke/Montreal Qc.

The exhibition Future (Im)perfect, curated by Aaron Pollard with the participation of Anne Parisien, features works by Scott Benesiinaabandan, Frances Adair Mckenzie and Payam Mofidi.

Rooted in feminist, postcolonial and indigenous futures, the proposals from these three Montreal artists offers critical and audacious perspectives on territories and bodies that speak to OBORO’s mandate while inviting us to take a look forward to the next 35 years. Frances Adair Mckenzie’s virtual reality exploration entitled Space Portrait invites contemplation, addressing the body as territory and industrial control over our insides. Reproduced as stereoscopic imagery in the virtual reality headset, Mckenzie’s objects echo throughout the exhibition space. Payam Mofidi’s sculptural installation and video projections form part of an ambitious body of work called Colonial Body Islands. With shrouded figures, water and light, Mofidi evokes the current and impending mass movement of people, underlining the devastating impact of dominant powers on the body politic. Scott Benesiinaabandan points to Anishnaabe ceremonial and learning lodges as a way of unpacking photographic processes and considering our relationship with light. In his piece I am the sun. We are medicines wrapped in light, Benesiinaabandan hones in on the ubiquitous blue tarp as a connecting fabric that encompasses differing languages and ceremonial structures.

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