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Latent See


Collaborative Residency Anteism Books

Frances Adair Mckenzie

Alisha Piercy

Latent See is an open-studio exhibition that has acted as a research and creation residency for four artists who have used emerging technologies such as machine intelligence, augmented reality and other exploratory oddities within the scope of their practice. In the video and installation piece the two artists capture Piercy's ice sculptures in time-lapse and Adair's glass sculptures from peculiar perspectives creating a vocabulary of accelerated organic and mechanical shifts.

In an era of climate crisis, iceberg melt and big data GPUs which have been weaponized the manipulation of images, Latent See is an implicit vision into the spaces between the normal constraints of civilization and the entropic affordances offered by machine intelligence. It is also the latent gaze of augmented vision, articulate machines, and generative flowers sprouting ideologies. Each aspect suggests diverse trajectories through an imminent domain that is either utopia or oblivion.

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