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Party Like It's 1699

Project Name

Party Like Its 1699 takes classical music from the confines of the modern
concert hall and reclaims it as a popular medium, recreating the spirit and excitement of the 18th century spectacle-- revisiting baroque aethestics through a post-modern lens. Digital scenography and performances, trompe l'oeil, stop motion and nudity. With new music for period instruments and electronics.

Party Like It's 1699's digital opera premiered June 22 at the Théâtre St-James,
with digital performances by Syngja, Mozart's Sister, Hua Li & Otto. New baroque music by d'Eon and readings by Ashley Obscura and Guillaume Morissette.

1699's second presentation of their digital opera, Le Pop D’Époque, was developed in residency at the Société des Arts Technologiques as a full immersive experience in the Satosphère a 360 degree dome.

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