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A Matter of Animated Mountain

Collaborative Residency


Gosie Vervloessem

Frances Adair Mckenzie

Workspace Brussels, BE

Festival Phenomenon CA

Gosie Vervloessem (BE) and Frances Adair Mckenzie (CA) share a fascination for the innards of large animals. Their project explores an elephant… from the inside out! What can we learn about the outside world by exploring its insides? Using an open studio format, they will share the results of their latest research on digestion and co-digestion. Bring your scalpels!

Col[labo]rations Québec-Belgique. Workspacebrussels / Phénomena / Studio 303. Based in Brussels, the Workspacebrussels is a workspace for performance art and installations in their most hybrid forms. The incubator supports emerging artists and is organizing the Working Title Festival.

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