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Space Portrait II

Frances Adair Mckenzie

2020 | 3:44 min

Stereo Virtual Reality 

Soundtrack: Tyr Jami (cello + effects)

Space Portrait is a spatially expansive, experimental animation created by Frances Adair Mckenzie and featuring cello and effects by Tyr Jami. Built up from simple cardboard maquettes and processed by practical light passes and digitally composited effects; this work reflects on our moment of suspended animation; its psychological shifts and enhanced perceptions within familiar environments.

Created using simple light animations on maquettes layered through depth in a glass set and then composited with digital effects. It was shot using from above using a stereoscopic rig.

2021 Digital Gallery MUTEK ES 

2020 Digital Gallery Abuja Art Week in Nigeria

2020 Festival Internacional Inmersiva 3, Centro Cultura Digital CDMX

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